Wholesale-700CS-06 $16.00 ea. Case of 06

Wholesale-700CS-06  $16.00 ea. Case of 06
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  • Item #: 700CS-Who Dat 06 Wholesale
  • Manufacturer: The Louisiana Roux Spoon Co.
  • Condition: New

Louisiana Who Dat Chef Set


Our 11" Pinewood Louisiana Tasting Spoon, 10.25 inch stainless cajun roux spoon,and our 13" pine roux spatula.

A great gift for the novice Who Dat chef as well as the experienced. Visiting Cajun country is like visiting another world in itself, discover our culture and way of life. Our Cajun Gift Sets are just the beginning to all those Cajun and Creole dishes you can create by just making a good Roux. The perfect gift for all occasions. Ships to all USA States.


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